Are you seeking freedom from an issue or block that stops you from living to your full potential?
If so, you may be interested in The Journey

The Journey is a unique process of profound personal change and healing. The Journey enables you to discover and become free from emotional or physical challenges that have, in one way or another, limited your experience of life, or in some way stopped you from being who you really are.


Who developed The Journey?

The Journey was developed by American therapist Brandon Bays, who was diagnosed with a basket-ball sized tumour in 1993 and successfully healed herself completely from this within six weeks. As a result she pioneered The Journey, which is now shared with others through Journey Seminars and one-to-one Journey Therapy Processes. The Journey has helped thousands of people to live their life to the fullest, by becoming free from anxiety, depression, dis-ease, grief, relationship issues, emotional wounds, physical discomforts, resentments, pain, addictions, patterns of abuse….and much more.


What is a  Journey Process?

A Journey process takes the form of a guided visualisation, and lasts approximately three hours. Each Journey process is tailor-made to the unique requirements of the individual.  This process is carefully designed to facilitate you to uncover the root cause of your issue and then, guided by your body’s inner wisdom, to set it free, whilst simultaneously activating your body’s own healing processes.

Journey processes take place in a safe environment and all sessions are completely confidential.

You may find it helpful to read ‘The Journey’ by Brandon Bays (available at most book shops), before undergoing a Journey proess, however this is not essential.


So what will happen in a Journey process?
I will often be asked what will happen within a Journey process, and I have to say that there isn’t really an exact answer to this question, simply because each process is unique and individual to each client. However, the framework within which the Journey process weaves its magic is similar between clients:

Having first identified the territory or issue that has bought you to have a Journey process, you will be invited to make yourself comfortable in a sitting position and to close your eyes. Working as a Journey practitioner, I would then lead you into a relaxed guided visualisation-meditation, in which you can leave behind the limitations of the often busy, chattering, judging or fearing conscious mind, and instead dive into the rich and miraculous territory of cellular memory – to the places deep within your cells that may be holding onto past traumatic events, to shock, unresolved interactions, misunderstandings, unexpressed emotion…… (Often what is discovered or revealed is completely unexpected and so it is important to come to a Journey process with an open and accepting mind!)

Depending on the specific situation, I would then guide you to express the unexpressed, to forgive,  to gain wisdom and understanding from, to set free and ultimately to heal from these previously cellular burdens, enabling an ‘unblocking‘ and a ‘cleaning out from the inside’, leaving you ready to move forward in your life with renewed energy and vibrance.

During this whole process you would have your eyes closed and yet would still be able to hear the surrounding sounds, whilst relaxing and focussing on my voice.

My personal experience of undergoing a Journey process is that I am awake yet inside an incredible dream in which remarkable, unexpected and unanticipated things can take place – in which the unimaginable becomes possible with powerfully healing results!


And what happens after a Journey process?
During the days and weeks following a Journey process, the new insights, wisdoms, understandings, forgiveness and healing will all be busy integrating and informing your cells as they gradually re-grow to create a ‘New You’ at a cellular level. Therefore it is vital to help yourself to move gracefully and smoothly through this time of integration, by being especially kind and gentle with yourself and by allowing yourself time to rest if you feel the need.

After a Journey process some people feel energised, light, dreamy or ‘internally clean’, whilst others may feel very tired  or need to ‘go slower than usual’, or feel that they are ‘reassembling from the inside out’. As it is impossible to anticipate how you may feel following a process, it is always beneficial to allow for some restful time immediately afterwards, free from stresses or demands where possible. It is advisable to eat light, nourishing, easily-digested food for a day or two, so as not to burden your body with heavy digestive work whilst it is attempting to integrate and throw out toxins.  It is also important to drink a lot of water for a few days, to enable the toxins that the Journey process has released to flush themselves fully away. You may also enjoy soaking in a warm salt bath to further aid this detoxification process.

As the work of your process integrates itself, you will hopefully at some point experience that your issue is no longer an issue! Generally people will look back after some weeks or even months have passed and realise that things are now different – that that old issue is no longer around.

For many people one in-depth process if sufficient to resolve, heal and set free the old issue. However some issues are stubborn, complex and multi-facetted and may need more than one process to fully weed away all their combined cellular roots to become completely free. Additionally you may find that as one issue finds its way to freedom, then another one that was perhaps buried beneath it rises to the surface in search of freedom for itself!


Journey work is individual and unique. You will always know and feel in your heart of hearts if and when it is right for you. Whether you decide to have one process or end up having several over a period of time, I hope that you will find this potent, enlivening and life-changing work – work that ultimately enables you to become more of who you truely are. Enjoy the journey of The Journey!


Cost: A Journey Process costs £195

Cancellation policy: Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation, or be prepared to pay the full fee.


To Book an Appointment:
I offer one-to one Journey processes in Forest Row, East Sussex, and by arrangement in other locations. Please allow 3 hours for an appointment.
To arrange an appointment, or to discuss the possibility of having a process, please call me on 01342 825031

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