Products to Ground and Earth

Products to Earth and Ground

  • Do you ever feel ‘wired’ by the modern world?
  • Do you ever feel ‘foggy-headed’ or sluggish when you wake up in the morning?
  • Do you feel worse being around electrical appliances?
  • Does computer work leave your head buzzing, your eyes feeling boggled, or make you grumpy?

I used to answer yes to all of these things, until, a few years ago I came across some products designed to connect the body to the energy of the earth.  I became curious and experimented with sleeping on a grounding sheet, sitting on a grounding cushion whilst doing computer work, and practicing my Alexander Technique work on a grounding mat. The change was exciting and significant: instantly, ‘overnight’ I could spend long stints at my computer without the hint of grumpiness or a bad mood….I woke up feeling refreshed and clear-headed…..I began dreaming (having not dreamt for many years), and I felt stronger, less drained and more centred after a day of giving 1-1 Alexander lessons.

I was hooked! I got my children and husband sleeping on grounding sheets and not only did all of us experience improved sleep, but also improved overall health. For example, thankfully my children stopped having so many colds and coughs.

So how do grounding products work?

EMF’s: Electro magnetic fields, are constantly affecting each of us. Every electrical wire and device in your house emits an electro magnetic field that fills the rooms that you live in. This field then penetrates into your tissues, influencing and affecting your body whether you like it or not. And this has consequences on your health. If however you were to walk outside with bare feet and stand on the grass, you would instantly connect to the earth’s energy field and to a natural stream of earth electrons that keep you in bio-electrical balance. Almost instantly your body would become grounded and no longer influenced by man-made energy. Instead your body voltage would drop to a natural, healthy level.

Grounding products provide a means whereby all the electrical, man-made energy that constantly affects each of us can be discharged down into the earth, rather than wreak havoc with our own energy systems.

When I am grounded by standing on the earth without wearing shoes, I find myself feeling calmer, less stressed, more at ease, and find that quite naturally I can stand more upright. These are all positive effects from being grounded. However wouldn’t it be beneficial if this were also possible whilst being indoors or whilst wearing shoes? This is where ‘earthing or grounding products’ come in handy!

These are products made with a conductive silver material or silver thread that are connected, via a wire and plug, to the earthing line within the electrical system of your house. In essence you just have to attach your grounding mat / cushion / sheet…to a wire with a plug at one end, that you plug into a normal electric socket, just as you would any other electrical device (except that no electricity will be used). As you then sit or stand on your grounding product, you will then be connected to the earth’s energy, and although electro-magnetic fields will remain around you, they will no longer be ‘in you’, and so will not be able to adversely affect you! And in return, your body will receive an abundant flow of earth electrons in the form of natural antioxidants, which can help boost your immune system and improve generally health.

There are various grounding products available. Here are details about a few:

  • Grounding cushions
  • Grounding mats
  • Grounding sheets

These are all washable and long-lasting, with an anti-tarnish finish (which makes the products much more long-lasting than normal grounding products). They are all handmade in the UK, using 99.99% pure silver-coated fabric.  They can be washed on a delicates cycle at 30 degrees, using a ‘natural’ washing detergent such as Ecover.

Each of these products will also need a ‘connector set’ in order to enable grounding to take place. This consists of a wire which is both connected to a clip in the corner of your mat / cushion / sheet, and also connected to a plug. The plug is inserted into an electrical socket but does not use any electricity! Instead the earthing line is used to connect you via the mat/ cushion, to the earth’s energy.


Grounding cushions

The grounding cushion is a flat, padded cushion made of a silver, conductive material, backed with a natural jute -type fabric. It comes in two sizes: a larger one suitable for using on the floor e.g. for meditation, and a smaller one suitable for placing on a chair. This is a great product to use if you are sitting working at a computer, as it will help to reduce the ‘electro-smog’ effects of EMFs and static electricity.


Large cushions (48cm x 48cm): £90
Small cushions (34cm x 34cm): £70
Connector set: £17.50
(Prices excl. p+p)

To place an order please contact Delia on tel: 01342 825031
or email:

Grounding mats

These are made of the same material as the cushions, but without the padding. They are excellent for use as a yoga mat, as the grounding action will further enhance your practice of yoga. If you are an Alexander Technique student, then I also recommend these mats for lying on whilst practicing ‘semi-supine’, to give a greater sense of muscular release and of becoming more present within yourself. Grounding mats can also be used to sleep on.


yoga mat

Standard sized mat 186cm x 69cm): £160
Extra long mat: £180
Connector set: £17.50
(Prices excl. p+p)

To place an order please contact Delia on tel: 01342 825031
or email:

Grounding Sheets

These are invaluable for grounding you whilst you are asleep. A grounding sheet is a strip of cotton sheeting approximately 85cm wide, with rows of silver-thread stitching running along it. This strip of sheeting tucks across the bottom end of your bed, on top of your usual sheet, so that your feet rest upon it and are grounded whilst you sleep.

A grounding sheet is 85cm x 220 cm
Grounding Sheet: £80
Connector set: £17.50
(Prices excl. p+p)

To place an order please contact Delia on tel: 01342 825031
or email:


‘For the first time in ages I have slept well. Unusually, I was happy to wake up and bounced out of bed and felt ready to conquer the day!’

‘It is a joy to be able to work at a computer without getting a headache or feeling twitchy. These earthing mats are a godsend’

‘My yoga practice has deepened since practicing on a grounded yoga mat. It feels so much easier to bend into the various asanas and to hold the postures for longer with ease. I feel more supple when using one of these mats and can practise for a longer period of  time’

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