Health-Giving Water, Air and Light


What could be more important than  drinking pure, clean,
mineralised, energised water ?

The PiMag® Waterfall System

An extraordinary table-top water filter.

Pimage® WaterfallThis is a fantastic water filter system that I discovered years ago when we moved to rented accommodation and I could not plumb in one of the purification systems that I had previously used (reverse osmosis etc). This was the best non-plumbed-in option that I could find, and I have never looked back! My family loves drinking this PiMag® water. It is clean, energised, PH-balanced, mineral-rich, ‘alive’, and tastes delicious. The PiMag® Waterfall can also be easily transported, and so we even take it away with us on holiday (we get some interesting glances when on a camp site!). It is gives water far cheaper than the bottled stuff and is easy to use and maintain.

The PiMag® Waterfall will sit on a kitchen work surface or on a shelf. Personally I find it easiest to sit it close to the kitchen sink, as the top tank needs to be manually filled with water.

Here is a short video telling you a little more about this product:

Nikken writes about this product:

‘Depending on the water supply and pipes, tap water can contain traces of many chemicals including chlorine, disinfectant by-products, sediments, heavy metals, and pesticides, but we have developed water systems that transform your normal tap water into clean PiMag® water. It starts with a pre-filter removing larger particles from the water; after this, the water passes through activated carbon to capture microscopic particles; the next stage is mineralising and alkalising, and then a proprietary redox process which enhances the cleaning further and reduces the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), providing water that helps to neutralise free radicals that can harm your body. The PiMag® water then flows through a bed of mineral stones and a magnetic field before reaching your glass. The slow gravity water percolation encourages natural spiraling of the water while the 1,200 gauss magnet reduces sediment clumping.

The Waterfall has the coveted Gold Seal of Approval from the Water Quality Association. This accreditation is given to water treatment systems that meet rigorous standards for performance, capacity and integrity in removing a variety of drinking water contaminants.’

So what does the PiMag®  Waterfall cost?

PiMag® Waterfall system:Was £372 Now reduced to £263 excl. p+p
This includes everything you need to get going ie. one filter cartridge, a box of mineral stones and the Waterfall system.

Replacement cartridges: Was £62 Now reduced to £35 excl. p+p
(Cartridges need replacing every 3 months.)

(Ask me about how to purchase cartridges at a reduced price by arranging a regular 3-monthly delivery)

Replacement mineral stones: £29 excl. p+p
(Mineral stones need replacing yearly)

To buy replacement cartridges/ mineral stones at a reduced rate, contact me about receiving a regular order every 3 months.

To place an order please click on: Delia’s Nikken webpage, where you can place an order directly.

Alternatively, contact Delia on tel: 01342 825031
or email:
Orders usually take 4-10 days.

PiMag® Waterfall Testimonials:

‘I asked my kinesiologist to muscle-test me for bottled water, tap water, reverse osmosis water, Brita-filtered water, Pear Tree Well water and PiMag® water. Without a doubt this testing showed that my body most strongly benefitted from the PiMag water®. And so I bought a Waterfall system and have never looked back!’

‘My health has improved now that I am so much better hydrated, and it’s all thanks to the PiMag® Waterfall’.

‘I love this water! It tastes so light, pure and alive. I think it is incomparable to other filtered water!’

‘Tea tastes so much better with PiMag® water’.

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