Alexander Technique Workshops – open to all.

With Delia Rosenboom

 Online Day Workshops:
Finding Vocal Freedom & Ease:
Singing & the Alexander Technique

Thursday 16th July 2020,
or Monday 2nd November 2020
or Friday 12th February 2021
10am-3.30pm. Via Zoom!

For singers, speakers, performers and anyone interested in
how their physicality effects their voice and breath.

An opportunity to work creatively  with
the Alexander Technique in relation to singing and breathing
and to explore how releasing unnecessary tension patterns can free and expand your voice, and enhance performance.

During this workshop we will explore different elements of singing and vocalising, and how we can optimise our performance through learning to ‘do less in order to allow more’. We will explore how we can change and improve our vocal experience by changing our awareness of what we are doing, and by working with Alexander Technique-based release work. This will include simple, practical anatomy and lots of experiential work, including movement/ stretching, guided visualisations, talk-throughs, work in pairs, fun…and more…
We will work work in stillness (lying on the floor) and in movement, whilst singing, speaking, sounding….

Cost: Payment is on a ‘pay-what-you-can basis’ (usual cost £95) via: or by BACS transfer to: D. Rosenboom: Acc: 23535002, sort code: 20-46-73

To secure a place please contact Delia.

Enquiries: Delia 01342 825031 or

Student-led Group Classes

Various dates: Forest Row
(please enquire if interested)

These regular group classes are an opportunity for third Alexander Technique trainees (at the South East Alexander School) to practice leading groups for ‘the public’. They are generally 1-1.5 hours long and involve experiential, practical work to introduce beginners to the Alexander Technique. For further details, please contact Delia: 01342 825031

 A Horse & Heart Workshop:

Holistic Horsemanship & the Alexander Technique

Next workshop TBC -please enquire

in Moretonhampstead & Manaton, Dartmoor

with Holistic Horsemanship teacher Marie Franco BFEE2
and Alexander Technique Teacher Delia Rosenboom ATI

When we spend time with a horse, our own subtle energy is continuously interacting with the horse’s energy, creating an unconscious connection, language and understanding of what is being asked for. To be effective, these unconscious, energetic messages need to be congruent with the conscious messages that we are giving verbally, physically or psychically. However these energetic interactions can be interfered with by stresses and tensions patterns held in the body, leading to a mismatch of communication and confusion or un-clarity for the horse.

This workshop will address how we communicate both with ourselves and with the horse and will explore ways of releasing and freeing the body, enabling our energy to flow expressively and potently, so as to communicate clearly with the horse. We will work with the Alexander Technique to find freedom, poise, ease and an increased clarity of energetic flow. We will combine this with Holistic Horsemanship groundwork to build an authentic language, connection and clear communication between horse and horseman/woman.

Dates & Times: Day 1: Date TBC 6.30-8.30pm
Day 2: Dates TBC: 9.30am-5.30pm
Day 3: Dates TBC:9.30am- 4pm

Cost: £360

Bookings: Please email Delia:
and ask for a booking form and return with payment for the workshop.

Marie & Delia are hugely experienced in their fields of expertise.
To learn more visit:

Enquiries: Please call Delia on: 01342 825031

 Finding Vocal Freedom and Ease

The Alexander Technique and Singing

Next date   2020 – TBC

At St Richards Church, Ashburnham Rd, Ham, Surrey, TW10

An opportunity to become more aware of the tensions that interfere
with your ability to breath, talk and sing freely, and to
begin to release out of these.
Fun, practical, experiential Alexander-based work to open,
relax, and release the body, to increase vocal possibilities.
Please bring a blanket to lie on and a 3″ pile of thin paper-backed books.
No previous Alexander Technique experience necessary.
Cost: £40 Booking in advance is essential.
To book, please send your contact details and a cheque
(payable to D. Rosenboom): D. Rosenboom, 33 Upper Close,
Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 5DS.
Tel: 01342 825031

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