Mentoring, Coaching & Supervision

Delia is passionate about supporting Alexander teachers at all stages of their continuing development…and especially in the crucial years following graduation. Sessions are confidential and can address any aspect of teaching, from  the practicalities of setting up a practice…to how to work with pupils with particular conditions or needs…to learning new approaches to working…to addressing one’s internal mindsets, insecurities or concerns in regards to working with the Alexander Technique.
Sessions available in person, or via Zoom, Face time, Skype or telephone.
For further details please contact Delia:
(0044) 01342 825031 or

Who’s Directing your Directions – Sage or Saboteur?

Free ‘Experiential Talk’ about Mental Use versus Physical Use
With Delia Rosenboom via Zoom:
Thursday 6th May, 5-6.30pm (BST/ UK time)

Alexander work teaches us to enhance Physical Use using thought. Our thoughts are determined by our habitual  ‘Mental Use’. If this Use is not optimal, then how can our practice of inhibition or direction be optimal? Here’s an opportunity to address mental habits and build greater ‘positive use’ to enhance your AT practice:
To effectively apply principles with calm, clear focus, positivity, self-compassion and to teach with confidence, self-belief, authenticity and presence.

Come and find out how!

‘I had profound insights about how I’ve been ‘controlling myself’ all these years. It’s been eye-opening! I have now found peace inside… ‘come home’ to myself…found a love and kindness in my A.T. work with myself and with pupils, that I have never experienced before.‘

Interested? Please email Delia to book a place:
Zoom link will be sent close to the day of talk.

   Custom-made Small Groups

Would you like to develop your hands-on work within a small group, or to integrate an anatomical understanding into your way of working with the technique? …Or to learn more about the Dart procedures, deepen the listening ability of your hands
or learn more about integrating the emotions into your work??

I am happy to offer help, insight and input to groups of Alexander teachers
or trainees to work together in this way.
Please contact Delia to discuss possibilities.

‘Keeping Your Hand In’

An online  drop-in class for Alexander Teachers & Trainees

These classes are an opportunity to creatively work on oneself, to continue exploring , growing and developing our ways of approaching Alexander work…to keep one’s hands open and sensitive, and to explore ‘putting hands on oneself’. We will work in prone, semi-supine, standing, moving, crawling…with dart-type work, monkeys… we will address keeping our hands open and in a beneficially sensitive state… and will work creatively, with visualisation, with anatomical considerations…and more.

Classes are recorded. If you cannot make a class, why not ‘participate’ via the recording?

Class duration: 75 minutes: 5.-6.15pm BST (UK time), 6pm Central European,
9am Pacific, 10am Mountain,
12 Eastern….

PREVIOUS CLASSES are available to participate in via recordings – For a full list of past classes please enquire. A few examples are:

‘Prone as a means to boost Primary Control’
‘Allowing One’s Self to Emerge’
‘From Prone to Tip Toes!”
‘Alligator Arms’
‘The Breathing Legs’
‘Sensitive Hands class’
‘A dialogue between ankles, knees and sacrum’
‘Falling back & up’ from floor to hands-on-back-of chair
‘Bump-starting the spine’
‘Miracle of head balance’
‘The Hand reflects the Back’

To secure a place please make a payment and then email Delia.

Via this paypal link: or by BACS transfer – email for details. PLEASE PAY IN UK £’S

Sliding scale: £10 – 25 per class (or by negotiation)

‘He who sees things from the very beginning will have the finest view of them all’ (Aristotle)

The Fascinating Embryological
origins of F.M. Alexander’s discoveries:
An Inspirational workshop series
for A.T. teachers & trainees

Monthly Experiential workshops from November 2020 – June 2021
8 Saturdays: 4-7.30pm (GMT / UK time), via zoom
5-8.30pm European, 11am-2.30pm Eastern,
10am-1.30pm Central, 8am-11.30am Pacific

21st November 2020:

‘Essential Spinal Organisation’
Development of our vibrant support system and our ‘up, our down & our length’

12th December 2020:
Dynamic Life-force & Inner Bounce!’
Developmental story of our discs, their resilience & persistent support

16th January 2021:
‘Radiant Energy’
Harmonic in utero development of our 7 energy centres & energetic support system

6th February 2021:
‘A Breath-taking somersault!’
Incredible story of the diaphragm, heart, lungs, ribs: True deep breaths & whispered Ah’s

6th March 2021:
‘Connecting In & Expanding Out’
The miraculous spirallic journey of our upper & lower limbs

24th April 2021:
‘The Gifts of our Fishy Ancestors!’
Story of the evolving throat, neck and jaw…our ‘neck back and up’

15th May 2021:
‘Survival & Suspension’-Our Sensational Senses
Development of our sensory system as means for the ‘head to lead’

12th June 2021:
‘Our Three-Dimensional Selves’
Developmental conversations between flexor & extensor muscle… of ‘letting down & giving up’…of movement & uprightness…

To book a place, please make a payment for your place(s) and then email Delia:

All workshops are recorded and are available to purchase as way of participation.

Cost per workshop £65 or by negotiation. *Special Offer: 10% discount when booking all 8 workshops (savings of £52)*  NB. I WANT TO MAKE THESE WORKSHOPS ACCESSIBLE TO ALL SO IF YOUR FINANCES ARE CURRENTLY CHALLENGED, PLEASE CONSIDER WHAT YOU CAN PAY AND EMAIL DELIA

You can make your payment here:
(or enquire for BACS details)
Please select to pay in GBP (£’s)

Delia 0044 (0)1342 825031 or

States of Shock & Trauma

A workshop series for Alexander Teachers & Trainees
Four sessions via zoom:
Wednesday 21st April 2021: Part 1
Thursday 22nd April 2021: Part 2
Wednesday 28th April 2021: Part 3
Wednesday 12th May 2021: Part 4

4.30-6.30pm BST/ UK Time, 5.30-7.30pm European time,
USA: 8.30am Pacific,  10.30am Central, 11.30am Eastern…

When pupils present themselves with an underlying state of shock, of being frightened, of grieving or of being traumatised – however present or archaic this may be – it is not necessarily appropriate to work with the same aims, methods, time scale or pacing that may be effective with other pupils. Something else may be called for in order that the background state can gradually dissolve and free itself from its physical encapsulation. This workshop series will explore ways of working that enable a sensitive ‘growing out of’ these states, setting them free in their own time…and will address the concept of ‘appropriate use’ as opposed to ‘good use’. For us as teachers this approach requires a surrendering of what we think we know, of what we may think the pupil needs, of what to ‘do’ next, and  instead a simple ‘allowing’ to work from a state of
presence and prolonged inhibition.

This work has grown uniquely from Delia’s experiences of working with shock and trauma in relation to the Alexander Technique. This material is usually presented as a 3 day workshop in person, and has been adapted into 4 parts, to suit working over zoom.
If you cannot make all parts, you can ‘fill in the gaps’ by participating via the recording.

Cost of workshop series: Usual price: £160 (or pay-what-you-can)
To book a place, please make a payment via:
NB. Please select to pay in GBP (£’s)!
Alternatively enquire for payment by BACS transfer (£ or euros) or cheque.

 Enquiries: Delia: 0044 (0) 1342 825031

‘Exploring breath’

The Alexander Technique & Breathing:

for anyone interested in freeing their breath

23rd June 2021:
9.30am-3pm (BST/ UK time), via zoom

A practical and experiential day workshop focussing on the breath & breathing, underpinned by both Alexander Technique work, and by the story of embryological development of the diaphragm / lungs and how their patterns of growth influence their functioning in us as grown-ups, for better or for worse…. and how we can make use of this understanding to enhance and improve our breathing/ vocalising abilities. A day of releasing, stretching, expanding, letting go of interferences…singing…sounding… looking for greater freedom and ease around breathing and vocalising.

Cost: £105, however, to accommodate anyone who may be financially challenged, I offer a sliding payment scale from £40-105. Therefore, if you need a reduced rate, please consider honestly what you can afford on this scale and make a payment by BACS transfer – please ask for details or by using this link: 

To secure a place please contact Delia.

Enquiries: Delia 01342 825031 or

The Anatomy of the Torso Spirals & their

Emotional and Energetic Manifestations’

for Alexander teachers and trainees

Friday 2nd July
 4pm-10pm BST / UK time
USA times: 11am-5pm Eastern time,
10am-4pm Central time, 8am-2pm Pacific time, 

An opportunity to explore the physical, anatomical considerations of our spirallic torso musculature (acc. Prof. Raymond Dart), alongside how our energetic and emotional holdings manifest within these at key points, affecting how we contract, hold, or unconsciously protect the front of ourselves.  We will work with hands on and off the body to encourage deepening levels of release, both within the exterior spirallic musculature and also simultaneously within the ‘energetic substance’ of ourselves. We will explore how encouraging the front of the torso to open and expand in this way organically enables further degrees of invaluable release in the back. 


Cost of workshop: Pay-what-you-can basis: Usual price: £105
To book a place, please make a payment via:
NB. Please select to pay in GBP (£’s)!
Alternatively enquire for payment by BACS transfer (£ or euros) or cheque.

 Enquiries: Delia: 0044 (0) 1342 825031

Finding Vocal Freedom & Ease:
Singing & the Alexander Technique

for anyone interested in how their physicality effects vocal performance

7th July 2021
9.30am-3pm (BST), Via Zoom!

For singers, speakers, performers and anyone interested in
how their physicality effects their voice and breath.

An opportunity to work creatively  with
the Alexander Technique in relation to singing and breathing
and to explore how releasing unnecessary tension patterns can free and expand your voice, and enhance performance.

During this workshop we will explore different elements of singing and vocalising, and how we can optimise our performance through learning to ‘do less in order to allow more’. We will explore how we can change and improve our vocal experience by changing our awareness of what we are doing, and by working with Alexander Technique-based release work. This will include simple, practical anatomy and lots of experiential work, including movement/ stretching, guided visualisations, talk-throughs, work in pairs, fun…and more…
We will work work in stillness (lying on the floor) and in movement, whilst singing, speaking, sounding….
This workshop is usually taught as part of a longer workshop which has been adapted into a series of zoom workshops… Please consider complimenting this day by also attending:  the online the Warm-Ups’ workshop on  26th May, ‘Essential Tips & Tools for Singing Group Leaders’ workshop on 9th June,  the ‘Exploring Breath Workshop’ on 23rd June, or the Finding Vocal Freedom & Ease’ workshop on 7th July)

Cost: £105, however, to accommodate anyone who may be financially challenged, I offer a sliding payment scale from £40-105. Therefore, if you need a reduced rate, please consider honestly what you can afford on this scale and make a payment by BACS transfer (please enquire)or by using this link: 

To secure a place please contact Delia.

Enquiries: Delia 01342 825031 or

An online Workshop for Alexander Teachers & Trainees:

The Spirals of the Arms and Legs

Friday 16th July 2021
4-10pm BST / UK time
USA: 11am-5pm Eastern time,
10am-4pm Central time,
8am-2pm Pacific time,

A unique opportunity to explore the spirallic nature of our limbs: We will look at the embryological origins limb growth, and how this spirallic, miraculous development underpins how we may work as AT teachers to ‘connect the limbs in’ or to ‘release them out’…..We will address how our limb-muscle’s spirallic arrangement can cause a contraction in towards the foetal….or to an opening & expanding, inherently widening the back & shoulders, giving greater breath and increased grounding. We will also look at the emotional states that ‘encourage’ both of these. We will further explore the connection between arm & leg spirals – from right little finger to left little toe. This will be a practical workshop, intertwining information with experiential talk-throughs / visualisations/ movement/ using one’s hands, working in semi-supine….

To book a place, please email Delia:
Cost of workshop: Pay-what-you-can-basis (Usual price: £105)  Payment via:  Please select to pay in GBP (£’s)
or by BACS transfer -please email Delia for details.

Delia 0044 (0)1342 825031 or

Anatomy of Alexander’s Four Directions

a workshop series for Alexander Teachers & Trainees via zoom

September 8th 2021: ‘Let the Neck be free…Head to go forwards & Up’
September 15th 2021: ‘Back to Lengthen and Widen’
September 22nd 2021: ‘Widen Across the Top of the Arms’
September 29th 2021: ‘Knees to go Forwards & Away’

4-6pm BST/ UK time, European: 5-7pm,
USA: Pacific: 8-10am, Eastern: 11am-1pm, Central 10am-12 noon….

Four practical & creative zoom sessions exploring how our anatomy is effected when giving a Direction, and the implications of this for hands-on work.

What is actually happening when we ‘Free the neck’, or ‘Let the knees go forwards and away?’As Alexander teachers/students, are we really aware of what is happening anatomically beneath the skin and under our hands, when we work with Alexander’s Directions? Do we know which boney and muscular structures we are effecting and how these can respond to our thought?

The more precisely we can know at which specific structures a direction is aimed, the more deeply and precisely we can bring about a particular release using our consciousness and our hands-on contact. This workshop series is an opportunity to explore and deepen your understanding of how our bones and muscles are affected when working with F.M.’s directions. We will work practically and experientially using a skeleton, diagrams, with ‘hands on’, with  movement, visualisation, palpation
and more.

Come and explore what is happening ‘beneath the skin’ in this creative and experiential hands-on workshop. Practical, insightful  anatomy, talk-throughs, visualisations and hands-on work.

(This is also an excellent workshop to attend if you will be applying to join ATI via sponsorship and need to brush up on your anatomy!)

Cost of workshop series: Usual price: £140 (or pay-what -you -can)
Individual cost per workshop:£40

To book a place, please make a payment via:
NB. Please select to pay in GBP (£’s)!
Alternatively enquire for payment by BACS transfer (£ or euros) or cheque.

 Enquiries: Delia: 0044 (0) 1342 825031

The Potency of Presence:

The 5 Stages of Release
& the Importance of ‘Embodied Presence’

For Alexander teachers and trainees via zoom

Friday 8th October 2021
4pm-9pm (BST/ UK time), European: 5-10pm,
USA: Pacific: 8-1pm,  Central 10am-3pm,
Eastern: 11am-4pm….

A practical, ‘hands-on’ workshop exploring the five stages and levels of release, moving gradually from an initial ‘superficial and exterior letting go’ to a more refined, deep and ‘cellular’ release. We will look at the vital role that conscious presence has to play in this process of release, and in particular how giving a direction can only reach its full potency and effectiveness when a pupil first becomes present within themselves. We will explore the concept that ‘arriving’, ‘inhabiting’, or becoming present in oneself is a vital prerequisite to an optimal release. Practical work in semi-supine and the upright; talk throughs, discussion and more…

 Cost: £105,  or sliding scale of £40-105 based on ‘pay-what-you-can’. To book a place you can pay for the workshop via: or by BACS transfer  – please ask for details.

To secure a place please make a payment and then contact Delia. Extra details will be sent closer to the workshop day.

Enquiries: Delia (0044) 01342 825031 or

 Dart Work:
A practical workshop for
Alexander Teachers & Trainees

Next Dates for 2021 TBC. Please enquire.
11am – 4pm, via Zoom

Prof. Raymond Dart developed simple ways of applying F.M’s principles, to work on himself, using the floor to give him feedback.
We will explore some of the inspiring and invaluable ways in which his work can be beneficially used to work with pupils and also as a tool to work on one’s self.
There will be a focus on the head, neck and torso.
N.B. You will need  a blanket or sleeping bag to lie on and a pillowcase to lie your face on.

Cost of workshop: Pay-what-you-can basis: Usual price: £95
To book a place, please make a payment via:
NB. Please select to pay in GBP (£’s)!
Alternatively enquire for payment by BACS transfer (£ or euros) or cheque.

 Enquiries: Delia: 0044 (0) 1342 825031



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