Acappella Workshops

No special singing ability is required and all are welcome.
Below is a list of workshops that are running in the near future.
For more information or bookings contact Delia.

Monthly HeartSong Acappella Singing Workshops
in Forest Row:

Three  Fridays, 7-9pm:
14th September,
5th  October,
2nd November 2018:
One Sunday, 4-6pm:
9th December 2018:

Main Hall, Forest Row Community Centre, Hartfield Rd, Forest Row

The December 9th workshop will be a candle-lit, Taize chants workshop.
(For details, scroll down page to find workshop).
The Sept, Oct and Nov. workshops will be as follows:

~Toe-tapping rhythms~
~Harmonies to make your soul smile~
~Songs that warm the heart & nourish the spirit~
~Uplifting melodies all taught by ear~
~Gospels & songs from Africa, Israel,
Europe, Taize & around the world~
~Meditative songs, healing songs & songs of love & peace… ~

Lots of fun! All welcome, including
children old enough to take part
No experience necessary

Cost per workshop: £15 if paid in advance or £18 on the door
Reduced cost if attending all four workshops £55

Please pay using the appropriate PayPal buttons below,
or ask me for bank details to pay by BACS.

All four workshops: 14th Sept, 5th Oct 2nd, Nov, 9th Dec 2018
Cost: £55
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14th September only: £15
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5th October only: £15
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2nd November only: £15
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For 7th Dec workshop please use PayPal button under details of
Taize workshop lower down the page.

Delia 01342 825031

Candlelit Taize Chants Workshop

Next Burrswood workshop TBC

Burrswood, Groombridge, E. Sussex, TN3 9PY

When people come together to share their voices in harmony, something magical happens! This HeartSong acappella singing workshop, will be a nourishing opportunity to learn and sing beautiful, uplifting sacred songs, by ear (no need to read music!) amid the magical presence of candle-light. Come and ‘bathe in’ heart-opening songs from the Taizé Monastery and other sacred traditions – songs with the ability to carry you to a rich & peaceful place within.
All ages and abilities welcome.
Please bring a bottle of water.

Enquiries: 01342 825031
Cost: £15

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Advent Taize Chants by Candlelight (London)

Saturday 1st December 2018, 3.30-5.30pm

St.Richard’s Church, Ashburnham Road, Ham, Richmond, TW10

Beautiful, easy-to-learn rounds and songs in uplifting four-part harmony.
Songs that nourish and open the heart, from the Taize monastery
and other sacred traditions. An evening not to be missed.
A beautiful, magical lead up to Christmas!

Cost: £15 if paid in advance or £18 on the door
To book a place please pay using the PayPal button below,
or contact Delia for BACS details

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 An Advent Singing Experience:

Candle-lit Taize Chants & Sacred Songs
(Forest Row)

Sunday 9th December 2018, 4-6pm

Garden Room, Forest Row Community Centre,
Hartfield Rd, Forest Row, RH18

A nourishing evening of beautiful sacred songs, all taught by ear
and sung in the magical presence of candle-light.
Songs that can carry you to a rich and peaceful place only created
by the sharing of joyous voices in harmony. Songs that open the heart,
from the Taize monastery and other sacred traditions.
Please phone to book a place: 01342 825031

Cost:£15 if paid in advance or £18 on the door
To book a place please pay using the PayPal button below,
or contact Delia for BACS details.
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New Year’s HeartSong Singing Workshop:

Gregorian Chant & Taize Workshop

Saturday 26th January 2019: 2-5pm
At St. Richard’s Church, Ashburnham Rd, Ham, Surrey, TW10

Come and celebrate the new year with beautiful, awe-inspiring Gregorian chants
and other heart-warming sacred songs from the Taize monastery
and other meditative traditions.
Songs in rich 2, 3 and 4-part harmony, all taught by ear.
A treat not to be missed!
All welcome, including children old enough to participate.
Please bring a bottle of water.

To book a place, please send a cheque along with your contact details to:
D. Rosenboom, 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS,
or use the online payment button below.
Enquiries: 01342 825031

Early-bird Discounted price for bookings received
before 1st January 2019: £27
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Later-comers price for bookings after 1st January 2019:
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Skilful Song Leadership

Friday 8th – Sunday 10th February 2019
An intensive 3-day training for singing-group-leader wannabees,
newbees and ‘old-handers’ alike.

Led by Delia Rosenboom NVN, ATI,
experienced singing workshop leader & Alexander Technique teacher.

Whether new to running singing groups, looking for guidance and support,
or an ‘old-hander’ looking for new ideas and inspiration, this is the
workshop for you! Three intensive, practical days packed full of
time-tested tips, tools and teaching skills to equip you to effectively run
happy, successful singing workshops and choirs.

Material will include:

The Hows, Whys and Whats of Vocal Warm-ups:

Exploring using warm-ups:

  • To loosen the body…
  • To organise the ‘furniture’ of the jaw, soft palate and throat…
  • To help the group feel confident and at ease…
  • To increase resonance or enhance pitching…
  • To prepare for differing song styles (Gospel/ African/ Taize…)
  • To help to pre-learn potentially tricky elements of songs…..
    And more…

Song Teaching Tools:

Exploring ways of:

  • Keeping the whole group engaged the whole time
  • Teaching challenging words or rhythms quickly and easily
  • Using rhythm as the foundation of a song
  • Experiencing cross rhythms in the body, to make sense of a song (2/3, 4/5, 7/8 rhythms…)
  • Pacing (teaching slower to learn faster!), repetition and hand signing
  • Ensuring the group feel they ‘can do it’ / ‘can get it’ easily and effortlessly
  • Playful distractions to deal with inhibitions and ‘old stuff’ around singing
    And more…

Effective Breathing:

  • Myth-busting the diaphragm!
  • Exploring taking a deep breath
  • Enhancing breathing
    And more…

This material has grown out of 25 years experience of running choirs and
singing groups and is underpinned by decades of both teaching the
Alexander Technique and working with Ta Ke Ti Na – a body-centred rhythm
method. Material will be taught through discussion, practical demonstrations,
experiential work, application of material to songs bought by participants;
observation and feedback… A certificate of attendance will be offered
upon completion of this training workshop, as proof of CPD.


Fri. 8th February: 2-5.30pm & 7.30-9pm,
Sat. 9th February: 10.30am-approx. 5pm,
Sun. 10th February: 10am -4pm

Forest Row Community Centre, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18
(Forest Row is a ‘holistically-orientated’ village 34 miles south of London, amid the beautiful Ashdown Forest, complete with stunning countryside walks,
biodynamic farms and quirky cafes! It is 2 miles from East Grinstead train
station and 20 mins drive from M23.)

How much?
Early-bird discount if booked by 1st January 2019: £270, Latercomers: £310
Cost includes all refreshments and lunches on Sat and Sun.
Accommodation not included.
Local accommodation from £25 per night– please ask for a list of local B&B’s.

Bookings and further information:

To secure a place please book a place using the pay now button.

Earlybird Rate (booking by 1st January 2019):
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Later-comers Rate (booking after 1st January 2019):
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Alternatively can send a cheque with your details to:
D. Rosenboom, 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 5DS,
or ask for bank details to make a BACS transfer

Queries? Call Delia on 01342 825031

Things to bring with you:

Please bring three short, simple songs that you know well, that you could be prepared to teach as part of the workshop:

  • A short song with foreign words or tricky words – that you may consider ‘a bit of a mouthful’!
  • A short song with a strong rhythm that may be experienced as rhythmically unusual or tricky eg an African or eastern European song
  • A short song that contains a challenging interval or some harmonic clashes, or an unpredictable harmony – something with a challenging element in it!


‘Finding Vocal Freedom & Ease’:

Singing, Speaking, Breathing
& the Alexander Technique 

Saturday 9th March 2019
11am – 4.30pm
in Forest Row, East Sussex

For singers, speakers, performers and anyone interested in
how their physicality effects their voice and breath.

An opportunity to work creatively and in-depth with
the Alexander Technique in relation to your voice and breath
and to explore how releasing unnecessary
tension patterns can free and expand your voice,
improve your breathing  and enhance performance.
The course will consist of a foundation of Alexander Technique-based muscular release work  to enable you to begin identifying the areas of tension that may interfere with the experience of vocalising freely; to learn tools to help release out of these, and to deepen your understanding of how your body can perform freely and optimally. This work will  involve working in stillness (eg lying on one’s back in semi-supine) and in movement, whilst singing, speaking, sounding….
We will explore how our breathing and vocalising mechanisms work, how we interfere with these physically, and how we can allow these to function optimally. This will include simple, practical anatomy and/ or embryology and
lots of practical work.
Additional work will involve movement/ stretching, guided visualisations,
talk-throughs, work in pairs, lots of fun…..and more…
All work will be underpinned by the principles of F.M. Alexander’s Technique.
Examples of themes that may be explored are:
*The importance of head-balance and having a lengthening spine*
*Finding support for the suspended larynx and lungs*
*Demystifying breathing, the diaphragm, the lungs…*
Venue: 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 5DS
Cost: £90 per day, includes lunch & refreshments
Previous Alexander experience is helpful, though not required.
Bookings: Places are limited.
To secure a place please pay with the Paypal button, or ask for bank details to make a BACS transfer.
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Further Information:
Please call Delia on 01342 825031, email:

Taizé & Sacred Songs Workshop Training

Led by Delia Rosenboom NVN, ATI,
experienced singing workshop leader & Alexander Technique teacher.

Saturday 27th April 2019

A unique one-day opportunity to come and explore tried and tested ways of running Taizé chant and sacred songs workshops.

I have been running Taizé, Gregorian chant and sacred song workshops for over twenty years, and feel passionately about these magical songs and the healing effect that they create when sung as a group. I would love to pass on some of my ideas about how to teach and share these songs easily and effectively with singing groups. I also feel that teaching these beautiful and heart-opening songs requires a slightly different skill and approach to teaching other material of a more upbeat nature (African/ Gospels etc) and so I invite you to join me for this experiential workshop, which will equip you to run your own Taizé groups. We will address: Warm-ups, Song-teaching tools, Breath and more:

I will introduce you to ways of building an atmosphere and group-energy conducive to learning and singing these unique and special sacred songs.

We will explore how to prepare the group for singing, using  warm-up material conducive to creating an ‘energetic backdrop’ appropriate to these songs.

We will address methods of teaching Taizé songs so that the group can easily and effortlessly learn both words in Latin… and multiple harmonies, without being ‘pulled out’ into heady anxieties about ‘getting it right’ or ‘having to pick up the material quickly’…

We will address pacing, atmosphere – importance of candlelight, and how to ‘build a workshop’ from start to end, with examples of appropriate material for this.

There will also be opportunities for participants to teach and receive feedback when desired.

Time: 11-5pm
Venue: 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 5DS
Bookings: To secure a place please use the online booking system:
Cost: £95
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Alternatively please send a cheque to the address above (D. Rosenboom),
or ask for BACS details

Call Delia on 01342 825031

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